BEAM International – Ready for take off!

The ping of my mobile phone and a message from the boss… “I’ve got some exciting plans for BEAM which involve you”… Crikey! Stomach churning, butterflies forming, what could these exciting plans be?

A few days later, Amy and I got out our notebooks and pens and started building our plan to take over the world – BEAM was going global!

It makes perfect sense really. Covid and lockdown has completely changed how market research is being conducted. Face-to-face research must no longer be confined to a hotel conference room. Zoom has become a household name and even your 90-year-old grandma is well versed on hanging out online. So why should we continue to restrict ourselves geographically when the virtual world is so real and so accessible to all?

So many of the projects which cross our desks are now moving away from a single market and our clients are conducting broader research projects across multiple countries and continents.

So, the plans Amy and I once discussed over a coffee have now become a reality. We have cast our net out across a global reach, and we have been busy building our networks. We’re building a directory which is quickly filling up with some fantastic fieldwork partners in all corners of the globe, and I for one could not be more excited about the next chapter for BEAM.

BEAM International is officially “ready for take off” and what better time to launch than International Market Research Day (#IMRD21 3rd-7th May). We are so proud to now be fully equipped to act as a single point of contact for new and existing clients wishing to expand their research across the globe with no additional hassle. More information will be available on our website over the coming weeks, and I am poised and ready to help with your enquiries. 

All that remains is for me to work out how to convince the rest of the team that we have a hugely important project in the Maldives that requires a very urgent site visit!

Natalie Wood(Your brand new) Head of BEAM International

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