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We’re Recruiting! – Project Assistant

BEAM recruiting project assistant

Looking for a role you can really get your teeth into? Let’s talk. We’re looking for a Project Assistant to join our busy fieldwork team. Whether you’ve got a few years of experience in any workplace, or you’re looking for your first opportunity – this is the role for you. Energetic, organised and efficient, you’ll… Read more »

How to support vulnerable audiences in research

Before COVID-19, gathering the thoughts and opinions from a vulnerable audience was a huge part of our day-to-day work here at BEAM. Whilst arranging in-home, face to face interviews are most certainly off the cards for the foreseeable, thankfully we are still able to reach this market safely and sensitively with the help from the… Read more »

Stats of the Festive Season

After a year with some huge changes and a large amount of unpredictability, it comes as no surprise that Christmas is also going to be a little different this year too. One thing that can be predicted, thanks to market research and the questioning of consumers on the build-up to the big day is just… Read more »

How Different Will Black Friday be This Year?

Black Friday is an annual day of savings that grows in popularity year on year. As we all know nothing about 2020 has been ‘normal’, or how we would usually expect it to go, so what affect will this year have on Black Friday? A Spike in Online Shopping Online shopping is set to soar… Read more »

The Automotive Industry in the Big Smoke

Car research. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, here at BEAM we’re pretty much working on a car research project at all times. They’re the research projects that make recruiters shudder. With lengthy screeners, nigh-on-impossible quotas, algorithms and endless levels of complex project management, they’re enough to give you night terrors. But for some reason the… Read more »

How Has 2020 Changed Consumer’s Eco-Friendly Habits and Research?

Earlier this year, we looked at how eco-friendly consumers are, in comparison to the past. With this month marking ‘Organic September’, we’ve had a look at whether consumers have kept up these eco-friendly habits throughout 2020 and how much the coronavirus pandemic has impacted ourselves, the planet, the different industries and the research they’re completing… Read more »

The Impact of Coronavirus on Market Research

The need for customer opinion has never been greater. The seismic shift in shopping habits and the purchasing decision making process means brands and retailers need their eyes and ears open to understand what really matters to customers in this new world This month, we’re gearing up to returning our field team to store exits… Read more »

Smoking and Vaping: The Rise and Fall of the Tobacco Industry in the UK

The 31st May is ‘World No Tobacco Day’ on which, the World Health Organisation (WHO) highlights the dangers of using tobacco, how tobacco companies advertise and how WHO are fighting the tobacco epidemic.  Earlier this month, the sale of menthol cigarettes was banned, further limiting the choice to smokers. Here at BEAM, we’ve experienced a… Read more »

Is My Project More Suited to Quantitative or Qualitative Research?

How quality and quantity differ in their definitions, qualitative and quantitative research do too. Qualitative research is focused on individuals and the value of their answers. Quantitative research uses a high number of respondents to build a large body of data to draw down insights and trends. When combined, these two methods can provide mixed-methodology… Read more »