2019 Summer Travel Trends

Holiday season is about to start, and everybody knows there’s no time quite like the summer to try something new which is what many travellers are doing this year. Whether it be sight-seeing tours in historic cities, cruises around the Mediterranean or backpacking around Asia, there’s many different ways to enjoy some time abroad.

As a fieldwork agency we deliver across a wide range of industries with travel being one of them. That’s why we’ve had a deeper look into the holiday habits of 2019 to find out where travellers are going most, what they’re spending and on what, and most importantly; what are the biggest trends for travelling this year?


First and foremost, 2019 has seen an increase in travellers choosing to buy travel insurance for their upcoming trips, with 20% more having purchased it for June, July and August this year as opposed to those months last year. There has also been a 19% increase in the number of travellers buying weather coverage policies for locations like Mexico and the Bahamas.


When going travelling, young people have an average budget of around £3000, depending on where they’re going and how long they’re going for. However, it’s actually women who are more conscious of their spending when away with over half (53%) admitting that cost is the most important factor of a holiday and only 41% of men agreeing.

Reason for Going

Everybody is different and therefore their preference for going on holiday is different too. Those who are single say that their number one priority on holiday is to have fun, however 28% of others say quality family time is their reasoning. With more and more weddings happening abroad, it’s no wonder 6% of people are choosing to use their holiday of the year to see their nearest and dearest tie the knot, or to attend a special occasion overseas. 

Type of Holiday 

Many people who go on these trips have looked into their family tree as a result and therefore want to rediscover their roots first hand. 2019 has also seen a rise in the amount of people choosing to go on ‘genealogy trips’ where travellers make journeys to discover their family origins.


With global warming making the headlines daily this year, many go-getters are choosing to travel in an eco-friendly way. When it comes to being eco-friendly, a cruise holiday wouldn’t be a first thought. However there has recently been a huge push for more environmentally-aware cruise ships that have reduced fuel consumption; protecting the sea floor.

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