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Our experienced team works across a huge range of research areas and techniques, and we are dedicated when it comes to carrying out proven, effective research projects.

The BEAM team is headed up by Managing Director Amy Middleton, Natalie leads BEAM International and Kay heads up UK fieldwork with Collette, Alicia, Danielle, Amy C and Catherine. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Deborah and Alison keeping tight reign in business support. Our growing team focus on offering a personal experience with our business values at the core of how we operate.

Having handled a wide and eclectic range of projects across industries, our effective team dynamic has delivered quality, reliable research every time. 

Who We Are

Amy Middleton

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Amy Middleton

Founder & Director

So where did the past three years go?...In fact, where did the past twenty years go when I first started in the market research industry? Yet here I am with a business that's three years old, and all the blood, sweat and tears are paying off.

With an expanding team, bigger office and working on lots of exciting and engaging projects across the length and breadth of the land, it's easy to forget where my career in research started.

After completing my degree in Marketing, I've been a Venue Host, a Recruiter, a Fieldwork Manager, a Senior Fieldwork Manager and a Fieldwork Director for one of the UK’s biggest fieldwork agencies. I've even dipped my toe into moderating, been a prominent member of the BIG Committee, the ICG and a full member of the MRS and AQR and I can still make a mean brew.

After taking time out and a period of reflection after the birth of my second girl Esther, I realised I missed being on the front line of fieldwork. My early days in fieldwork were the most enjoyable. I’d work long hours as part of a small team on projects all over the UK. The projects were fun and interesting and the work was fast paced and varied. That's what I wanted to get back to.

So here I am. BEAM Fieldwork. Why BEAM? Beams are symbolic of light, strength and support, but also this is my time to shine and BE Amy Middleton.

Me and the other BEAMIES are beaming with enthusiasm to work on your project. We're here for you to set exceptional standards in fieldwork and becoming integral to the success of your project. Our honest, pragmatic approach and varied industry experience will ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Natalie Wood

More about Natalie

Natalie Wood

Head of International

I have been a proud BEAMIE for 4 years and have over 10 years’ experience working within the market research industry.

As Head of our newest offering, BEAM International, I have already worked with some exciting global brands and some fantastic fieldwork partners all over the world.

My workdays are spent tackling the logistical challenges of multi-market projects which span the length and breadth of the globe. At home, you’ll find me tackling the logistical challenges of my gorgeous children, with a large glass of Sauvignon!

Kay Middleton

More about Kay

Kay Middleton

Head of UK Fieldwork

My natural habitat is in a thriving creative environment. But an epiphany in late 2018 led me over the Pennines to join BEAM.

After 12 long (but amazing) years in a large Leeds-based creative and design agency, I knew I needed a big change and a new challenge. As Senior Account Director I'd led large, multi-talented teams to take insights, develop creative propositions and produce advertising campaigns, in-store POS and local store campaigns for the likes of Greggs, Asda, Arla and Sofa Workshop.

But now it was time to understand where the insights came from. And how (at the other end of the food chain), we collect, quantify and qualify data and opinions to form and shape everything we as humans consume daily.

So here I am, at BEAM. With a thriving and growing team. With lots of passion, bundles of energy, (the odd swear-word) and the ability work directly with research functions in agencies and brands to develop research projects, recruit the right respondents and produce creative propositions for a whole host business challenges.

If I'm not working, I'll be raving to house music in the car with my 3-year-old son, Gene.

Collette Gartside

More about Collette

Collette Gartside

Senior Project Manager

At home or at work, hospitality has always been at the heart of everything I do.

In my degree in International Hospitality and Business Management, my further education in sales and event management or my twelve years of experience working in 5* hotel account management for Marriott and Rocco Forte Hotels - exceptional customer service, client liaison, multi-tasking and attention to detail have been in my day-to-day.

So, when the opportunity to join BEAM came up, I jumped at the chance to transfer all the skills I'd previously gained and bring them to an industry, a team and a young and thriving business I knew I could add value to.

Since joining in October 2019, my expertise in hospitality, events, venues, sales are serving me well. I'm able to add value to our internal processes and procedures, but I'm also adding insight and knowledge to our clients who operate in these industries too.

When I'm not working, you'll find me with my two gorgeous kids, my husband and my ridiculously large family with lots of wine and lots of laughter.

Alicia Whyatt

More about Alicia

Alicia Whyatt

Project Manager

Some may say I have the gift of the gab - luckily that's exactly what you need in this job. That, and the ability to spin plates, juggle, stand on your head, appear cool, calm and collected and improvise at the drop of a hat.

I started at BEAM as a Project Assistant and have worked my way up to Project Manager. It's great to have a role where no two days are the same and I get the opportunity to progress and develop with regular company training and mentoring. Having graduated in 2017 from Manchester Met with a degree in Digital Media and Marketing, I've been able to utilise the skills I learned and put them to practical use in my role at BEAM.

One of the best things about the job is connecting with people from all walks of life - whether it's respondents, clients, interviewers or recruiters. And I love developing relationships and trust with the extended BEAM team in the field.

I'm a creative soul, so I'm often painting and drawing. Or you'll find me down at the front of a gig, with a drink in one hand and my other firmly in the air.

Danielle Maloney

More about Danielle

Danielle Maloney

Project Manager

Like the majority of my previous roles (and I've had a few, it's an ongoing office joke round here), I fell into market research by accident.

Through a recommendation from a friend, I've been working at BEAM assisting with respondent recruitment for a whole host of varied and interesting projects. I never expected I'd be speaking to builders in the morning, delivery drivers in the afternoon and cheese-eaters in the evening.

I attended a Women In Research event (WIRe) in my first week. It gave me a great insight into the industry and I got to meet and engage with lots of people at the start of their careers in research and fieldwork. And I've been in training alongside my day-to-day role of Project Assistant, learning about writing screeners, dealing with recruiters and working through the qual and quant project processes end to end. And the best thing about BEAM? The people of course - what a great bunch!

I'm a bookworm, so when I'm not on the phone recruiting I'll be curled up on the sofa with my husband Liam, leafing my way through a literary classic.

Amy Cartwright

More about Amy

Amy Cartwright

Project Assistant

Having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA Hons degree in Events Management, I had worked within the Hospitality and Events Industry for over 5 years. During this time I worked as a Conference and Events Assistant progressing to Wedding Coordinator for a gorgeous hotel in the centre of Manchester. So, it is fair to say that planning and organisation is at the heart of everything I do!

My previous roles, have given me transferable skills in customer service and communication that I have been able to use and grow on within my role at BEAM. I am a people’s person, so working within the team at BEAM has helped me develop these skills and connect with so many new people.

I have been working as a Project Assistant at BEAM for just over 6 months now and am loving it. It was so nice to be welcomed into such a tight knit, friendly team and I feel lucky to have found BEAM!

When I am not at work, I like to get out and about - it is rare that I am sat in doing nothing! I love going shopping, travelling to new places and spending my time with my family and friends.

Catherine Stainer

More about Catherine

Catherine Stainer

Project Assistant

I graduated in 2020 from the University of Sheffield with a Masters degree in Historical Research, and after some time at home (I hail from Suffolk), I decided it was time for a change. Manchester was calling my name – my closest friends live there, and my boyfriend lives nearby, not to mention the fact that it’s a very cool city.

Joining the BEAM team was a blessing in disguise – I feel honoured to be part of such a passionate, supportive, and hard-working group of women. The job is exciting and varied, it’s very sociable work even when I’m working from home, as I get to chat to lots of different people on the phone. There is also plenty of opportunity for professional and personal development. Over the next few weeks, myself and one of my colleagues are undertaking the Market Research Society Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (MRS RAS) to build on our skills and to maintain the high standards of recruitment at BEAM.

When I’m not working, I’m usually sat on the sofa working on a crochet project with a glass of wine (a hobby leftover from lockdown!) or exploring all the museums and galleries that Manchester has to offer!

Deborah Thomas

More about Deborah

Deborah Thomas

Office Manager

My market research career started back in 2007. I worked as Facilities Director at a viewing facility on the outskirts of Manchester and quickly found a buzz and real satisfaction working with people (both clients and respondents alike). This is where I met Amy.

After a short hiatus working for M&S and for the NHS, I relished the opportunity to get back into research, and earlier this year I joined BEAM – happily working alongside Amy once again.

I love the combination of variety and pace. It makes my job stimulating and exciting. No two jobs are ever the same and it’s great to be reconnecting moderators, recruiters, interviewers and venues to bring the very best to BEAM.

When I’m not whipping the team into shape around the office, I love nothing better than a good cup of tea, retiring to my new crafting shed and making & eating delicious home-cooked food.

Alison Baker

More about Alison

Alison Baker


My father was an accountant, so finance is in my blood. Although my first love was teaching, when Amy asked me to help her with the books at BEAM I jumped at the chance. An opportunity to help my daughter with her fledgling business, what mother wouldn't?

So here I am, after three years of tax returns, hunting credit card receipts, organising the office team and keeping a grip on the business purse strings. It's wonderful to have my partner in crime/wine, Deborah (Office Manager) helping me keep the Project Managers in line with the financials on their jobs.

Outside of work, it's all about gin. And friends. Best served together.


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