2022 Good Intentions

So, we’ve just about made it through the first week of 2022! Well done everyone! We returned to the (virtual) office on January 4th, well-rested and ready for an exciting year ahead. Although being loudly greeted by the alarm clock that morning was a bit of a shocker after nearly two weeks of lie-ins, it was so nice to see the smiling faces of the all the BEAMies on our first Teams call of the year.

At the end of December, Research Live posted the New Year’s resolutions (they called them ‘good intentions’ – a phrase we actually prefer)  of some of the biggest and best-known names in the market research industry. So we decided to pose the same challenge to the BEAM team, and here is a roundup of our resolutions and good intentions for the year ahead.

Amy – Director

“BEAM Fieldwork has been in protection mode whilst navigating the pandemic. 2022 will be the year in which we venture back into the world of growth. We have worked hard at establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and suppliers, which has led to some really exciting projects for 2022.”

Collette – Senior Project Manager

“My resolution is geared around more account management of our current clients. I want to delve deeper into what they like about BEAM, how we can build on this, as well as showing them some appreciation for the business that we currently receive and if there are any ways that we can grow or improve over the next year. We want to position BEAM as being front and central in their mind when looking for a fieldwork partner!”

Danielle – Project Manager

“I have spent the last few months learning the overall details of my new role, so to become more confident and efficient I need to push myself more. I want to be attending more seminars, doing more research into the market research industry, and thinking outside of the box. I don’t just want to be a project manager, I want to be a great project manager, which for me starts with confidence. Trusting my instincts and understanding that there is always more I can learn to help me grow.”

Amy – Project Assistant

“My resolution is to believe in what I am doing and speak up more when needed – to have the confidence to ask for help. Afterall, we are team BEAM!”

Natalie – Head of BEAM International

“I pushed so hard last year I was definitely burnt out, so this year I will give myself an a hour a day, every day, to do something happy and healthy. Go for a lunchtime walk, cook a healthy dinner, sit and play with the kids… If we can’t make time for an hour a day to do something positive for ourselves then I think we are doing it wrong.”

Deborah – Office Manager

“To tackle tasks head on and not to relegate to the pile of things to do later! I also aim to allocate time to other tasks other than my day-to-day duties, whilst remembering that anything is possible!”

Kay – Head of UK Fieldwork

“So much of 2021 was spent navigating the unknown and overcoming constant COVID hurdles, so investing more time and energy in to nurturing and developing my growing team and our existing clients is a real focus for me in 2022.”

Alicia – Fieldwork Manager

“Looking forward to 2022, I plan to make the most of being back at face-to-face research events. I loved spending time with our clients, recruiters, interviewers, and respondents in 2021 and can’t wait to meet more this year.”

Catherine – Project Assistant

“Having only been with the company for a few months, I am looking to continue grow my abilities and confidence within my role. I want to learn more about the wild world of market research as I am a bit of a newbie – so I’m excited to attend workshops and seminars which will hopefully add a lot of value to what I bring to my fab team at BEAM.”

Lots of thoughtful intentions and resolutions from team BEAM, now let’s put them into action! Here’s hoping for a fantastic 2022 full of insightful research and exciting fieldwork!

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