3 Ways Mystery Shoppers Can Improve Your Business

Naturally businesses, and more commonly retailers, are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer service. In order to do this successfully, they must see themselves from their customers eyes, especially during the buying process. Mystery shopping is a great way of doing this as it gives an insight into your business that you may have not otherwise seen and therefore allows for improvement. 

There is a huge list of benefits for retailers when using mystery shoppers, here’s our top three: 

It Allows You to Analyse Competitors

Choosing to mystery shop your competitors as potential buyers can benefit you and your business massively. You will be able to gain further knowledge into the pricing of their products and any offers they have available, as well as discover their unique selling point. Not only does mystery shopping allow you to see which areas of your business could be improved, it also highlights what procedures and measures you are already carrying out successfully in comparison.

You Can Effectively Evaluate Workers

Buyers that come into your store don’t just buy products, they also experience your staff face to face. Your staff are the face of your business and they can be judged on professionalism, helpfulness, appearance and knowledge during the buying process which can then be key information for your Human Resources department. This information can then be used as a training aid as it will highlight both positive and negatives in the way your team work. This type of mystery shopping should be performed as an ongoing process, in order to keep your workers as efficient and trained as possible in all areas.

Your Customer’s Experience is Reviewed

You may already have a brand image defined for your business, however is this reflected well to your customers during their shopping experience? Mystery shoppers can analyse the full shopping experience, even right down to the cleanliness of the store and the presentation of products on the shelves. Mystery shopping will open your eyes to certain aspects of your business that you may not be able to see for yourself. It will also allow for the processes put in place in the workplace to be thoroughly reviewed and acted on if anything is incorrect.

Mystery shopping is an effective analysis tool that your business should certainly take advantage of if it isn’t already. We actually offer Mystery Shopping as part of our quantitative research, so get in touch today if you want to improve your business.


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