A Week of Work Experience

I’ve spent the week at BEAM Fieldwork undertaking my year 12 work experience placement and it has been extremely insightful experience into the world of market research, and the role recruitment plays within market research.

I first stumbled across BEAM Fieldwork when looking at market research companies within the Manchester area. They happened to pick up the phone and I am very glad they did. I’ve had a great experience (despite the train strikes) and being at BEAM was extremely enjoyable.

When I walked through the door, I was quite nervous. I hadn’t ever been this side of Manchester (I’m from Bolton) and I was worried I wouldn’t relate to the staff or get along with them due to them all being much older than me. This was quite the opposite. As I first stepped into the office I was met with smiling faces and all the staff were extremely friendly.

I originally came here wanting to see if I wanted to go into market research when I leave college. After working here for a week, it is definitely an option I would consider in the future – especially if all offices and staff members are like the ones I met at BEAM.

I had never worked in a professional environment before. Coming here was a great experience as I have learnt how to navigate my way around an office and been able to work on live projects learning skills that I will definitely use once I finish college and step into the world of work.

This week I learnt how weird and wonderful world of market research can be and how they have worked on projects covering a whole host of subjects – from adult nappies to luxury vehicles – I found the cars particularly interesting.

What I enjoyed the most was that the majority of projects don’t have too long of a lead time which means you get work on a wide range of projects and it’s fast-paced, which I think is a huge benefit to someone like me who enjoys multi-tasking.

This experience has definitely changed my view on market research. In school we look at the academic side and not the practical side. It was very interesting to see it first hand –  from recruitment ensuring it fulfils the clients needs, to handling a project. As well as this I have looked the different methods of recruitment from social media to client list recruitment, which I found particularly interesting.

I am very excited to learn more about the industry and whether it is right for me. I definitely have plenty of time to decide my career choice. I am so glad that I completed my work experience here and that I got insight into the industry alongside industry professionals.

Thank you to everyone at BEAM Fieldwork – Maimouna x


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