Data Management

One of the most vital parts of both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork is data management. From survey scores, results and numerical data to in-depth interview answers and recordings, in the majority of studies, there’s a lot of data to be collected, collated and reviewed in order to provide useful results for the client.

We provide exemplary data management services to accompany our fieldwork research, allowing us to provide our clients with the most straightforward, no-nonsense research experience. We hit all data security criteria’s, including the recent GDPR, so you can trust all our participant’s data is well looked after.

Fundamentally, data management and collation is a crucial part of all research projects. Without experienced data management, you can’t hope to produce effective, useful information from a mass of survey results, interviews and various numerical data.

The data management and collation aspect is one of the most important, allowing us to concentrate all that feedback and information into a series of digestible and effective reports, graphs and other forms of feedback.

Who Needs Data Management Services?

  • Essentially anybody conducting any kind of research. Research is useless without the ability to effectively collate the results
  • Exemplary data management services are especially crucial when it comes to larger scale, quantitative studies and research
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