Incentive Management

Incentives are a crucial part of many studies, both qualitative and quantitative. Having an incentive hugely increases respondents receptivity to being part of a study, however, managing large sums of cash and paying it out to participants can be a substantial logistical task.

We handle all the incentive management elements, allowing the whole research process to go as smoothly, securely and effectively as possible, with minimal hassle for the client brand.

Through our experienced, qualified and trusted interviewers, hosts and facilitators all around the country, we’re able to make sure that all participants who take part in research sessions receive the incentives stated, often immediately after the research.

This not only helps things go much smoother but also leaves participants happy and more willing to take part in future research.

Who Needs Incentive Management Services?

  • Client brands looking to make research as effective, automated and straightforward as possible
  • Nearly all research sessions which call for participants to come out and attend somewhere require an incentive in order to guarantee success
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