Moderation and Facilitation

Through combining trained, qualified and experienced moderators and interviewers, careful venue selection and vetted research participants, we create the ideal environment for producing effective, goal-driven research that hits all the clients aims.

All of our moderators and interviewers are properly trained and experienced, understanding the skills required in order to keep a group session focused, friendly and cohesive, or conduct an extensive in-depth interview.

Quality fieldwork research hinges on participants feeling comfortable, thoughtful and responsive, and the very best way to stimulate this is through the combination of skilled moderator and incentives. In order to get the very best, most honest and incisive research results, quality moderation is absolutely crucial

Having worked with many of our interviewers and moderators for years at this point, we know we can trust them to create the environment, put the participants at ease, conduct the sessions and deliver the research as needed by the client brand.

Who Needs Moderation and Facilitation Services?

  • Any client looking to benefit from research needs the right moderators and interviewers
  • In some specific situations, such as for private or sensitive topics, we specially select moderators and interviewers to put participants at ease
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