Tablet Hire and Technical Support

The use of tablets has massively sped up the whole research process, allowing us to gather and very quickly collate data, often within hours of the study having taken place.

Essentially, tablets make the research process foolproof and quicker, allowing us to provide our brand clients with the information they need as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s why we utilise our own tablet hire and technical support team, in order to make sure no technical hiccups stop the research from going ahead at full speed.

Utilising technology like this has allowed us to speed up many logistical elements of the research process, but we have had to implement effective security to stay within EU GDPR guidelines.

We also assist our researchers with complete technical support, making sure that should anything go wrong with a tablet, the research always goes ahead and gets done.

Who Needs Tablet Hire and Technical Support Services?

  • Anyone looking to quickly and effectively carry out both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Tablets make it quicker and easier to collate results for our client brands
  • Our technical support does it’s best to make sure that whatever happens, the research goes ahead
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