Transcription and Note Taking

When it comes to in-depth interviews, group sessions and many different kinds of qualitative and quantitative research, transcription and note taking is an absolute must.

While many clients will have sessions recorded and videoed, transcription and note taking is still a vital part of the process, allowing us to better collate results, produce feedback and raise the scope of the research.

Without accurate transcription and note taking, it can be hard to strategize and find the best approach for ongoing research, as well as when it comes to collating results. Our facilitators and interviewers know exactly what they’re doing when conducting research and making sure to note down everything the participant says.

While many of our client brands request video and audio footage of our research sessions, and we’re more than happy to oblige, poring over these and transcribing them in their entirety is a big and time-consuming job, one that we can save you from having to do.

Through understanding your research goals and aims, we can highlight particularly relevant or interesting aspects of the research, again saving the client brand time and effort.

Who Needs Transcription and Note Taking Services?

  • Essentially anybody conducting any kind of research. Research is useless without the ability to effectively collate and study the results
  • This is especially important when it comes to larger scale studies and collating the large amounts of qualitative feedback received
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