Translation and Simultaneous Translation

When it comes to certain demographics, translation can prove an essential part of the research process. Obviously, a language barrier can absolutely prevent useful information and data from being collected, and we offer translation and simultaneous translation services in order to deal with this.

Some clients require demographic research where the participant’s primary language is not English. We utilise translation and simultaneous translation to make sure that no matter the participant’s language, we can carry out the research and make sure that the client brand ends up with the research information they need.

For many businesses, language barriers can constitute a major issue when it comes to developing products or coming up with new ideas. Our translation services help to overcome these problems. This is also useful when performing research for overseas businesses looking to enter the English-speaking market.

Who Needs Translation and Simultaneous Translation Services?

  • Essentially anybody conducting any kind of research where the demographics language isn’t English
  • We can also translate research and results for none-English speaking businesses looking to enter the English-speaking market, as language can be a significant barrier here.
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