Cleaning Up Spin Mop Perceptions

Leading insights and innovation development agency Spinnaker Insights appointed BEAM International to test consumer perceptions of Vileda’s new-to-market spin mop. The aim was “to dive a bit deeper into barriers and drivers towards spin mops”.

Finding the perfect venue to host the research was essential and our first challenge.  We scoured Manchester for the perfect place with rooms with wood, laminate, stone and tiled flooring to put the mops through their paces against tough household stains and spills. New Kings Head Yard Hotel was the perfect place to take the mops for a spin.

Our team of twenty male and female testers were recruited across different house sizes and types, with different household member and pets under their roof, with all types of floor coverings and with all sorts of weekly and daily cleaning habits. It was essential to already own or to be open to purchasing and using a spin mop in the future, and to be open to the Vileda brand.

Next, we took a more in-depth look to dispel sweeping generalisations amongst users and non-users of spin mops. Our ‘top of the mops’ participants joined a four-week online community, logging in every few days to complete tasks alongside their cleaning chores. Tasks on our community to-do list included revealing the contents of their cleaning cupboard, sharing their star cleaning utensil, collecting the dirt on products they didn’t rate and even creating a name and persona for the new-to-market spin mop.

For our final research stage, we assembled three gleam teams of eager mop owners at Spectrum Viewing Facility in London. They dished the dirt on their floor cleaning habits in moderator-led focus groups, then took the spin mop for one last spin around the floor.

At times, the organisation of this research project made our heads spin here at BEAM International. Postal strikes and freight delays from Germany, HRH’s sad passing, national mourning and a state funeral meant focus group rescheduling and creative space management in venues to ensure we still delivered the research on time and on budget, ensuring our reputation for delivery was left squeaky clean.

Thanks to your fantastic recruitment and project management, it has been a very interesting and successful project. Your choice of venues were excellent and perfect for the research. Thank you so much for organising this for us!

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