Easter in Lockdown: Has the Consumer Landscape Changed?

The Easter weekend tends to be one you don’t forget, whether it’s a special meeting with family and friends to enjoy some delicious food or a chance to celebrate the long weekend with friends in style. This year, it seems we’ll be remembering it for a very different reason…

Easter Eggs

As panic-buyers took the world (and supermarkets) by storm at the start of the outbreak, supermarkets across the country had no choice but to limit the quantity of items for each customer. Luckily for chocolate-loving consumers, some shops have lifted this temporary restriction on a raft of goods; one of which being the much-coveted Easter egg.

In fact, as a result of the current lockdown and consumers not wanting to risk going to the supermarket at all, they’ve turned to using the online methods instead. With a 400% increase in website traffic, Cadbury implemented a queue on their website, to deal with traffic of almost 100,000 people and wait times of over an hour.

Online Communication

Consumers aren’t just turning to the internet in order to purchase products, but also to keep in touch with their nearest and dearest. The Zoom app has become the second most downloaded app (after TikTok which is the world’s most downloaded app!) with over 20 million new mobile users.

Easter Holidays

Before the pandemic, couples spent an average of just two and a half hours together each day. Since, couples are now spending around 16 hours a day together, with the addition of their children being present too.

Home-schooling and educational activities has filled much of the time in the past few weeks, but now that it is technically the Easter holidays, some parents are choosing instead to teach their children important life skills instead like cooking, baking, cleaning, etc. Others are choosing to have some much-needed family time and are sitting down to enjoy a film together.

In fact, one thing that seems to be keeping many households occupied during what should be half-term is the new Disney+. The new streaming app had 5 million downloads on its launch day alone in UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, all of which were in some state of social-distancing or lockdown at the time of launch.

This year might be a very different Easter, but the Prime Minister of New Zealand has offered some crucial guidance in reassuring children that the Easter Bunny will be on duty, despite the lockdown and restrictions on travel, as he is an ‘essential worker’. Sorry parents!

Just like the Easter Bunny, it’s very much business as usual here at BEAM too so you can rest assured that your work is still very much in our hands.


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