Embracing Equity with Gemma

In aid of International Women’s Day 2023, we’re shining a light on the inspirational women we work with, collaborate with, or have pure admiration for as female pioneers within their fields. 

As part of our Words of Wisdom blog series, we interviewed seven inspirational female founders from tech, PR, research and fundraising to discuss this year’s Embracing Equity theme.  

Not only the founder of Queens of Tomorrow, Gemma Krysko is the founder of international PR and communications agency We Are Indigo – a global PR powerhouse which represents some of Europe’s leading destinations, including luxury lifestyle destinations such as Cotton Beach, Manchester’s iconic rave series The Warehouse Project, the game-changing Treehouse Manchester Hotel, Michelin starred Amsterdam restaurant The Duchess and many more. 

With hard work, determination and wise words from her female network, Gemma has grown a hugely successful independent business that continues to expand globally with many accolades, including Business Insider’s 42 under 42 lists. 

In what way can organisations be more inclusive to encompass marginalised and vulnerable groups such as youth, women, persons with disability and so forth?  

The culture of We Are Indigo is one of uplift, encouragement, inspiration, and endless possibilities – an ethos I hope to share with the wider business community via the Queens of Tomorrow, a new app I have developed alongside many other like-minded women. It will support other women in business by sharing skills and experience, giving other women the tools, encouragement, and knowledge to flourish and grow.  

What does Embracing Equity mean to you? 

Building the Queens of Tomorrow platform comes with great responsibility. I fully resonate with the ethos and the idea of having a strong female network behind you, no matter what industry you choose to work in. In these spaces, women will be supported in their dreams and lifted up when they feel unheard. 

Please share any good examples of practices, measures or initiatives that can be adopted, shared and/or scaled up.  

For the last 18 months, I have been developing a women-only online community which blends business and wellness. 

The seed was planted for Queens of Tomorrow when I found myself in Ibiza, opening We Are Indigo’s Balearic base and celebrating the agency’s 10th anniversary. Rather romantically, under the light of a full moon, I reflected on the past decade of business. We Are Indigo, an agency specialising in hospitality and events, was undeniably impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, We Are Indigo survived and bounced back stronger.  

As I reflected on these uncertain times, I was reminded of how I wished for a safe space to share the journey of being a woman in business. 

From this initial seed of thought, Queens of Tomorrow is nearly ready to flourish, with a group of like-minded pioneers pruning this tender idea to bring it to bloom, along with the women in business behind it. 

Find out more about Gemma and Queens of Tomorrow here:


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