Football may not be coming home, but it's brought a huge boost to the economy!

It’s been just over a week since the World Cup came to a close, an anti-climactic end to what has been England’s most memorable campaign in years. The whole country has been brought together by rallying cries of ‘it’s coming home!’ only to have dreams shattered in over 90 minutes. Heartbreak for fans, quite the opposite for the country’s economy.

So how much did we spend during the World Cup?

Food and Drink

Topping the economic table, fans spent an unbelievable £809m at home on snacks and beverages.

Away from home, England fans splashed £359m in pubs, cafes and restaurants with spending increasing by 10 percent in comparison to May – this was most likely helped along with the long heatwave we had earlier this month!

Sports Wear

The football fever that swept across the country saw a massive uplift on shirt sales. Over £289m was spent on England kits as fans swore allegiance to the Three Lions.


Watching all the action on large HD TVs was a priority for England fans during the World Cup as an estimated £302m spent was spent on TV’s in time for the semi-final against Croatia.

Betting Industry

The British public loves a good flutter on the football – an estimated £10m was spent on betting on the England vs Croatia match alone.


We’re patriotic and proud! Over 20,000 flags were flown in support of the England squad from the windows of houses and cars. Budget store Poundland noted a 59 percent uplift for St George’s Flags and 45 percent increase in car flags sold.

What would have happened if we made the final?

It’s a question that will stay on the mind of every England fan, but what would it mean from an economic perspective? Check out these CRR report predictions:

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