Guide to successfully recruiting depth respondents

Regarded as a useful method in the world of Market Research, Depth interviews are perfect for understanding what views and opinions your potential audience has on certain topics that may be regarded as sensitive or better discussed on a one to one basis.

Depth interviews are used widely across the Market Research sector as an effective way of gaining qualitative data. Here are our top tips on what a depth interview is, how you would conduct one, and how to successfully recruit respondents for your research.

Remain Neutral

Throughout the whole process of depth interviews, it’s vital that the interviewer remains neutral at all times. The motivation of the interviewer is to delve deeper into the topic at hand by asking follow-up questions based on responses rather than encouraging participants to provide an answer that could sway the accuracy of the study.

Depth interviews can be carried out in a number of ways, including:

Face to Face Interviews

Face to Face interviews are invaluable for establishing a rapport between the interviewer and respondent and are also beneficial when probing for additional answers, which will produce higher quality data. However, these interviews can be time-consuming and costly.

Telephone Interviews

In addition to face to face interviews, telephone interviews are also used to collect data but may not provide similar results. The advantages of going down this route is that you could save money and encourage a stronger willingness to participate.

** Top tip: Face to Face interviews allow the interview to analyse subtle information relayed through body language.

How can we help you recruit depth respondents?

Recruiting participants can sometimes be a tricky process, but BEAM can help you prepare, contact and follow up with participants.

BEAM can help you to source information around key contacts and contact potential participants.

We can recruit and source potential participants, ensure strong communication and gather screener or background information as well as explain the research process to participants.

If you’re currently looking for a Qual and Quant Fieldwork agency to assist you with your next depth interview project, we have over 15 years’ experience supporting the market research industry. Get in touch┬áso we can answer a few questions ourselves!


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