Hannah and Jenny Join the BEAM Team!



It’s an exciting time for the BEAM team as we welcome two of our newest members of staff, Hannah and Jenny! Occupying the roles of Trainee Project Manager and Project Assistant respectively, they share their fieldwork journey so far!

How did you get into the Market Research industry?

Hannah: In my previous career I have used market research companies when we have had new projects, so I was heavily involved in organising my team for the research groups. I also used to attend market research groups in my late teens…. a while ago!

Jenny: This is my first journey venturing into the world of Market Research, I have previously served roles in both Sales, Account Management and Purchasing within the IT sector. I am really excited about the Market Research industry and hope my organisation, account management and ability to juggle work will stand me in good stead!

What are your previous Job Roles / Experience in the market research sector?

Hannah: I was a children’s and sportswear buyer and have been involved in numerous market research assignments throughout my career.

Jenny: This is a completely new but exciting change in direction for me, I previously worked in purchasing but I wanted to look for a more new and exciting role and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

What are the responsibilities in your role?

Hannah: As a Fieldwork manager, I run research projects from start through to delivery including the day-to-day management of recruitment, supplier liaison, conducting quality checks and venue bookings. I ensure fieldwork projects are conducted efficiently, on time and to very high standards!

Jenny: I will be assisting all the team at BEAM working on a variety of different projects. My first few weeks have been enlightening, learning the industry jargon and switching between numerous projects, it certainly makes for interesting days!

Agency Side vs Client Side – Why did you opt for working in an agency rather than client side?

Hannah: I have been a part of numerous market research assignments sat on the other side of the mirror, so I would like to think I have a unique ‘client-side’ perspective on fieldwork. I chose to work agency side this time as it’s something fresh after spending years working in a different environment.

Jenny: I wanted something new in my career, the agency side seemed far more hands-on and varied so I chose to pursue the path of working in a innovative, vibrant company where I could handle multiple client accounts.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Hannah: I have three boys under five so they keep me very busy. I am keen gym goer and have a massive interest in interior design. I love going abroad and seeing different parts of the world. Fashion has always played a huge part in my life with my previous career being a clothing buyer.

Jenny: Outside of work I am a part time taxi driver to my two children, ferrying them between various clubs and after school activities. When I have any free time I’m a keen runner, dog walker and enjoy throwing myself in the mud of obstacle races…

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