Happy 'World No Tobacco' Day!

The number of UK smokers kicking the habit is at its highest in almost 50 years. 62.5% of those who have ever smoked, now say they have quit for good. But what’s helped them stub out cigarettes for good?

41% of ex-smokers cite vaping as the main method of weaning them off traditional cigarettes. Leonardo Dicaprio, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jack Nicholson and Tom Hardy are just some of the famous faces that in recent years have made the switch from smoking to vaping in order to adopt a cleaner, more socially acceptable lifestyle. 

Whilst UK vaping is seeing a decline in popularity with a 0.8% drop year-on-year, the vaping industry is still booming with brands eager to deliver enticing flavours and a more enjoyable experience to their customers.

The World Health Organization’s World No Tobacco Day (31st May) is a ‘golden’ opportunity to celebrate some exciting projects we have been lucky enough to work on over the past twelve months at BEAM. 

We’re lucky to have been involved in two huge projects with one of the UK’s leading vape brands. This year we’ve recruited over 1000 soloists (those who only vape) and dualists (those who both vape and smoke) to take part in two in-home product tests. 

Our first study involved recruiting and placing over 300 respondents with 8 e-liquid flavour formulations. 2,400 e-liquid flavours pods were trialled over 16-days, delivering 2400 online survey completions. The result: a change in formulation across the three most popular flavours (tobacco, menthol and berry) to better suit the tastes of vapers across the nation.

Our second UK study is nearing completion, so we can’t reveal too much about this one. During the months of March to May 2021 at BEAM HQ (and various BEAMIES homes during lockdown), we’ve been incredibly busy coordinating our biggest in-home product test to date. We’ve distributed over 1,200 vaping devices and 3,600 e-liquid pods to 600 respondents across the UK. We’ve sent over 4,800 emails, made more than 800 calls and sent around 600 texts keeping our respondents on-track to deliver 1,200 online surveys to deadline. It has been a colossal effort from the BEAMIES at HQ to our UK team in the field and we couldn’t be prouder. And now we’re taking this project over the pond to the USA, with BEAM International leading the charge.

So this World No Tobacco Day, we’re not only celebrating the decline of old habits, we’re celebrating our team, our clients and our wonderful respondents who are helping to change, develop and improve the UK vaping industry. 

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