How Has 2020 Changed Consumer’s Eco-Friendly Habits and Research?

Earlier this year, we looked at how eco-friendly consumers are, in comparison to the past. With this month marking ‘Organic September’, we’ve had a look at whether consumers have kept up these eco-friendly habits throughout 2020 and how much the coronavirus pandemic has impacted ourselves, the planet, the different industries and the research they’re completing too.

Travel and Tourism

Back in March when the pandemic hit with true force, the travel and tourism industry was massively impacted. Airlines halted flights, air bridges collapsed, and many cities found themselves struggling from the loss of tourist income. Whilst this may all seem hugely negative, what we did see as a result was a huge benefit to climate change. The water in Venice canals was clear for the first time in years, there was blue skies over Delhi and wild animals roamed freely in locked-down cities.  

What have the BEAM Team noticed in this industry?

With many having to stay put in the UK this summer instead of taking their usual holidays abroad, we have seen that hard-hit UK businesses like pub-chains are investing in customer research to try to diversify their businesses, in order to support the increase in ‘staycation’ holidays.

Automotive Industry

With the national lockdown came a halt in cars on the road as well as many job losses. Combining these two together meant that there was also a halt in those buying cars which in effect, impacted car dealerships as well as garages.

What have the BEAM Team noticed in this industry?        

Despite the downturn in sales, car manufactures are continuing to invest in research. It’s more important than ever to listen to customers as their behaviours and opinions change in the wake of the pandemic.

We’re seeing a definite shift in consumer thinking towards more sustainable living; with potential car buyers investigating alternative powertrains to petrol and diesel. Price is still a huge deal breaker here for the consumer, but the desire to use more environmentally conscious car is clearly happening.


Naturally, coronavirus has made consumers take notice of their health more and therefore even caused some people to change lifestyle habits all together. In fact, a quarter of young British millennials aged 21-30 actually began a Vegan diet during the pandemic. 

What have the BEAM Team noticed in this industry?        

Over the course of the COVID period, we’ve project managed multiple researches focusing on meat alternatives, plant-based foods as well as attitudes to cleaner, more sustainable eating. People are more willing to try alternatives as the boom in ready meat-alternative ranges grow. The reliance on the ‘Big 4’ during the darker lockdown period saw people trying new ways to invigorate their eating habits and family time, and has therefore pushed people to try new foods, tastes and extend their meal repertoire. Trial of subscription-based meal solutions has increased too, and we’ve completed a project on deliver to your door meal solutions to develop further customer insights as habits change.

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