Automotive Flyouts

A multi-million-pound industry-leading automotive manufacturer required feedback on a new car model they were launching. It was an involved and extensive research process, including intensive quota management and careful selection of respondents, as well as flying out participants to Dusseldorf from London.

With sixty-two total respondents, making sure we hit the exact criteria and demographics was essential. This allowed the client brand to gather the required feedback and data.

Launching a new product, especially on the scale of automobile production, is a huge project, entailing massive investment and risk.

Proper research and user feedback enable companies to mitigate risk and adjust course accordingly.

We’ve performed a huge range of automotive-based research, from car clinics and drive alongs to focus groups, user testing and in-depth interviews, as well as creativity workshops.

User feedback and research can prove vitally important in the automotive industry, which justifies huge research projects like this, including flyouts and careful quota and demographic-based participant selection.

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