Fashion Tests

This was an involved, multiple-stage research project, covering a wide array of elements with a large number of participants for a leading UK fashion brand.

The initial phase was a large one-day event where both customers and non-customers came in to try on a range of clothing items and share their thoughts honestly.

With this as the starting point, we managed a twelve-week project with different sub-brands and clothing items. Various selected participants would come in to share their opinions in each weekly session.

As well as that, a number of respondents took part in a wash and wear test as well, helping us build a complete and extensive body of research for the client brand.

Essential to building that body of research was the strategic combination of qual and quant methodology used throughout the research to help flesh out the complete picture.

This complexity, combined with the multi-layered approach, required extensive communication and planning throughout.

Beyond sourcing the ideal respondents, the nature of the research proved extremely enjoyable for participants, with the feedback being overwhelmingly positive.

As well as online fashion retailers, we also do a range of work for high street stalls, and not just within the fashion industry.  These can involve eye tracker tests, shop along with visits, focus groups and video exercises.

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