Co-Creation Sessions

Co-creation groups are one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal when it comes to producing ideas and concepts for client brands. Our researchers work together with the client brand and carefully selected respondents in order to generate or improve on ideas and propositions.

Co-creation sessions are all about customer centricity. By putting the target customer at the very heart of concept development, you can end up with a refined, user-tested result. It can be used throughout the development phases, as both an initial idea-generator, through to a potent refining process.

At BEAM, we take a unique approach to ensure our client brands get the most out of co-creation sessions as possible. From our trained and experienced facilitators to our careful selection of attendees, we know what it takes to manufacture the perfect environment for relaxed, effective and creative sessions.

We put a major focus on finding the ideal individuals, with a focus on creative and outgoing traits. Combined with the right venues, our co-creation sessions have proven extremely effective.

When it comes to presenting the information, we make extensive notes, which we can process into reports or just pass on. We also regularly video or record co-creation sessions, so the client can look through the session for themselves.

When Should Co-Creation Sessions Be Used?

  • When you need to produce new concepts and ideas
  • Further along in the development evolution to refine ideas
  • In order to complement other research data and information
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