Focus Groups

Focus groups and small group discussion is the real bread and butter of effective qualitative research with many different elements going into a truly productive session. At BEAM, we focus on creating the ideal environment, with the right venues, individual selection, and skilled facilitators.

As part of a balanced approach to fieldwork research, focus groups are crucial to examine and understand attitudes and perceptions regarding specific concepts, ideas, products and services. Through our groups, we produce reports analysing complex human behaviour, as well as identifying changes and trends in behaviour and explaining statistical data.

This kind of information can provide invaluable insight in the early stages of product, service or idea development, as well as in later stages in combination with quantitative data.

We find the ideal, local venue which, combined with our skilled facilitators and the right individuals, creates the perfect petri dish for honest, nuanced and targeted discussion. Our facilitators understand what it takes to create the right environment, shaping the discussion with strategic questions and thoughtful tone moderation.

Another key part of a successful focus group is how the information is processed. We take extensive notes, as well as frequently videoing and recording our sessions, ensuring nothing is missed. This information can be collated into reports or simply passed on.

When Should Focus Groups Be Used?

  • When you need to develop, trial or test new ideas, concepts, products or services
  • At later stages of development in order to continue the refining process
  • To supplement information and data you’ve received from other research
  • When you need to ask the questions that you can’t simply phrase in a survey or questionnaire
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