In-Depth Interviews

When it comes to some demographics, areas and individuals, group sessions simply aren’t the way to produce effective and useful results. In-depth interviewing can be a fantastic way to explore topics that could be considered too emotional or private to explore in a group setting.

In-depth interviews are perfect for interviewing hard-to-reach individuals as well as older people. They can also allow an interviewer to demonstrate or explain a product or concept as a prerequisite to the interview. This could be something like showing the interviewee a website. On top of this, the nature of the research allows the interviewer to dig deeper into certain areas and ideas, exploring interesting and promising aspects.

An in-depth interview effectively goes beyond the reach of group work, allowing an interviewer to explore delicate or embarrassing subjects in a respectful private environment. We’ve also used in-depth interviews extensively to discuss and explore ideas with individuals that wouldn’t be suitable for group sessions.

In-depth interviews make up a vital part of a balanced approach to fieldwork research, complimenting other types of research data and information, and allowing client brands to get a full understanding of individuals responses to ideas and concepts.

At BEAM, we’ve conducted many different in-depth interviews across our broad range of clients. We’ve found the ideal in-depth interview set-up involves selecting the right individual, our trained, experienced interviewers and selecting appropriate venues.

We frequently record and video our interviews, as well as taking thorough notes, and can deliver the information back to the client in raw form, or as a report, whichever suits their needs.

When Should In-Depth Interviews Be Used?

  • When researching sensitive topics or hard-to-reach demographics
  • If you can’t conduct research in person, in-depth interviews can be done over the phone
  • When you need to develop, trial or test new ideas, concepts, products or services
  • At later stages of development in order to continue the refining process
  • In order to explore and develop certain focuses and ideas
  • To supplement information and data you’ve received from other research
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