Telephone Depths

Interviews are always going to be a powerful tool when it comes to gathering qualitative information, but it’s not always feasible to set up face-to-face meetings. In these circumstances, it can be effective to use in-depth telephone or Skype interviews in order to discuss and explore ideas, products, services or concepts.

Telephone depths are also great when it comes to follow-up interviews with standout group session participants. Exploring individual points and ideas in depth like this allows us to make the most of other research sessions.

As a research method, telephone depths are time-effective and convenient for participants, so it’s much more straightforward to conduct, allowing us to go into greater depth with more participants.

Telephone depths are effectively in-depth interviews that allow us to discuss and explore different ideas and concepts with individuals. Obviously, being over the phone or Skype, telephone depths have their limitations.

However, when utilised effectively for the right projects, this kind of interview can prove extremely effective for gathering qualitative information quickly, with minimal cost or hassle to the respondent.

Telephone depths can either be conducted when it’s not necessary or feasible to carry out face-to-face sessions or as a quick and straightforward of follow-up interviewing a group session attendee. We focus on putting the participant at ease and strategically discussing and exploring the idea or concept at different angles and viewpoints.

When Should Telephone Depths Be Used?

  • When you don’t need to be face-to-face with a participant to demonstrate the concept, idea, product or service
  • In order to supplement data or information you’ve received during other research
  • After other stages of research with standout individuals to explore ideas and responses
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