Workshop Sessions

When it comes to really exploring an idea or concept, or generating new, original takes on different concepts, workshops can prove invaluable. Our researchers and facilitators work together with the right respondents and venue in order to create a friendly, open and fruitful workshop session, perfect for producing new ideas and concepts, or improving and refining older ones.      

By putting the target customer at the centre of development through workshopping, you can end up with a concept or idea that has user-testing built-in at the earliest stage. This works both in the initial phases of development, as well as in the later, refinement stages.

Through utilising trained, experienced facilitators, careful respondent selection and the right venues, we make sure that the environment is perfect for effective, relaxed and fruitful workshop sessions.

Selecting individuals for outgoing and creative traits, as well as demographic relevance, helps to produce the most effective workshop session possible for the client brand. We frequently video or record workshop sessions, so the client can look through the session for themselves. When it comes to presenting the information, we make extensive notes, which we can process into reports or just pass on. We can follow up on workshops or co-creation

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