Door-to-Door Surveys

When one of the major factors to a research demographic is geographical, it can be effective to utilise door-to-door surveys as an approach. This can prove the best way to meet the sampling criteria, but door-to-door has many different advantages and disadvantages that make it perfect for some research, and less so for others. 

Face-to-face interviewing is always going to be an effective way to run through surveys and questionnaires, allowing the interviewer to show the participant stimuli, such as images or a product.

In past projects, we’ve used door-to-door surveys for a variety of client-brands, generally revolving around select geodemographic groups. It’s proven an extremely effective, if somewhat time-consuming, way to build a representative quantitative data set for our clients. 

Our door-to-door interviewers are fully trained and experienced, and with the data being collected on a mobile device or tablet, it’s possible to collate the information within hours of the research having taken place. We can then present the data back to the client in a variety of ways.

When Should Door-to-Door Surveys Be Used?

  • When you require geodemographic-specific data and information
  • When testing a product, service or idea, and require immediate, tactile or reaction-based feedback, door-to-door surveys allow you to show respondents a stimulus
  • To develop stats and data for marketing or presentation purposes
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