Exit or In-Store Interviews

Exit or in-store interviews are carried out in or near shops, allowing our interviewers to talk to consumers in a real setting, close to the point of purchase. This has a number of advantages when compared to other forms of quantitative market research.

For one, the immediacy of the research means participants don’t have to recall reasons or thoughts around buying they might have had days later. Using mobile devices such as tablets allows us to not only build a large amount of data quickly but also collate it within hours of the fieldwork having taken place.  

By designing strategic questionnaires and forms, we’re able to have quick, ten to fifteen minute interviews that allow us to obtain all the necessary information, within minutes of them making their purchases in store.

Exit and in-store interviews generally focus on a specific part of the customer journey, revealing behaviours that might tip things in the client brands favour.

We have our interviewers stand on the threshold of the store and talk to a variety of shoppers as they’re leaving with their purchases. The interviews are carried out to exact instructions and with a structured questionnaire. 

When Should Exit or In-Store Interviews Be Used?

  • When you need to test or explore elements of the design and development process
  • When you need to study and test behaviours in the exact relevant buying situation
  • To supplement information and data you’ve received through other research
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