In-Home Usage Tests and Product Trials

In-home usage tests allow us to gauge the ways in which the consumer reacts to a new product in the home. At BEAM, we’ve used in-home usage tests and product trials for a whole variety of client brands, including cleaning, beauty, and health products, as well as appliances and foods.

In-home usage tests are often the best way to study a product or service, allowing the client brand to utilise consumer feedback at all stages of development, from prototype through to the final stages. As well as aiding development, the data attained can be used to inform advertising and marketing. 

When conducting in-home usage tests, it’s key to find the right, qualified participants. This can be done via the phone or through an online screening, allowing us to find and recruit the right demographics for the product in question.

The product is posted out to the participant, allowing them several days or weeks to trial it. Then we conduct a phone survey or interview, collecting data as well as any ideas and thoughts they might have had.

As a form of research, in-home usage tests are extremely cost-effective, with no need to hire a venue or additional costs like that. We can also carry out further in-depth interviews with participants who had promising or extensive thoughts and ideas, allowing the client to get as much out of the research as possible.

When Should In-Home Usage Tests and Product Trials Be Used?

  • To supplement information and data you’ve developed through other means and research
  • In order to learn about how products and services are received and used in the intended environment
  • To develop statistics and evidence for marketing or advertising purposes

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