Mystery Shopping

At BEAM, we use mystery shopping to measure and monitor the interactions between companies and customers. Mystery shopping basically involves a researcher going incognito and recalling and reviewing the interactions and behaviours of staff. This is useful for client brands looking to improve on customer experience and analyse areas in which to improve and develop.

Mystery shopping research is perfect for retail, restaurants, banks, as well as other customer-service heavy industries. This kind of research differs from accompanied shops in that it focuses on the store itself as well as the staff. Researchers focus on many different elements of the experience, frequently including aspects like how long queues are, number of tills open, shelf tidiness, etc. 

As a form of quantitative research, mystery shopping can be a great way to assist a client brand in fully understanding their customer experience. This can help them improve in general, as well as focus on shortcomings.

As part of a greater approach to customer experience research, mystery shopping can allow a brand to build a complete picture of their business.

Having carried out numerous mystery shopping projects and utilised this kind of approach as part of a wider, strategic research plan, this kind of research is one of our proven specialities.

When Should Mystery Shopping Be Used?

  • When testing specific elements of a business, such as a store or restaurant, including elements like customer service
  • When supplementing information and data you’ve received through other research for use in the development process
  • To develop stats and data for marketing or presentation purposes
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