On-Street Interviews

Street interviews are one of the classic methods of carrying out quantitative market research. As a form of face-to-face research, it allows us to carry out quick, five-minute interviews based around set questions or a form.

These are frequently used for public or consumer opinion, with scales ranging anywhere from two hundred interviews up to thousands. With these interviews being face-to-face, you can also show stimuli such as videos, images or products, which can help participants engage with the research.

We’ve carried out on-street interviews for numerous client brands in order to quickly gain quantitative insights into different consumer opinions and ideas. Utilising trained and experienced interviewers, as well as creating effective, strategic forms and questionnaires, we ensure that the client brand gets the most out of the research.

Street interviews are straightforward and cost-effective to conduct. They don’t require a venue hiring like other types of face-to-face research, but they are limited by time, as most participants aren’t willing to talk for more than five minutes. Through talking to a wide range of different people in a public location, we ensure a representative sample of consumers.

When Should On-Street Interviews Be Used?

  • When you require a large amount of demographic-specific data that can be captured in short interviews
  • To develop stats and data for marketing or presentation purposes
  • To supplement information and data you’ve received through other research in order to further the development process
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