Online Communities

Online communities are an effective way to perform quantitative research. By utilising online communities and forums, you can survey and poll large groups of verified demographic members, even when it’s a particularly niche group. This data can then be utilised by our client brand for a variety of purposes, including product development and advertising.

One of the major advantages of online community research is that it allows you to quickly communicate and interview niche or unusual demographics, on top of this, you can also accurately verify respondents and make sure they are suitable for the research.

Like with other forms of quantitative research, we utilise online communities to find out about a variety of different elements, frequently surrounding hobbies and niche interests. We’ve performed this kind of research across a variety of industries, including the automotive.

Online community research can prove effective when it comes to polling and surveying, as well as a precursor to forms of quantitative research, such as in-depth phone interviewing. This data can be used to supplement other research, or for marketing purposes.

When Should Online Communities Be Used?

  • When exploring and researching more niche demographics
  • If you need to produce data and stats for marketing and presentation purposes
  • When you need data to test or support elements of the design process
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