Product and Sensory Tests

Product and sensory tests focus on a participant’s response to a product when experiencing it first-hand. Sensory tests can make for a key part of mid or late-stage development, allowing the client brand to understand initial responses, ideas and other quantitative data.

Generally conducted like a hall test, making use of a venue with high footfall and recruiting participants on the street, product and sensory tests can be an efficient and cost-effective way to study a variety of individual’s reactions to a product.

The purpose of product and sensory tests focus on giving consumers a chance to try or experience the product in person, learning about their initial reaction, and using this information to further the development of the product.

At BEAM, our trained and experienced facilitators combine with the right venue selection to produce effective product and sensory test sessions. We can follow up on these sessions with in-depth interviews to build on the quantitative data collated in order to help build a complete picture.

Through extensive note taking, producing forms, videoing and recording sessions, we can help to provide a complete overview to the brand client.

When Should Product and Sensory Tests Be Used?

  • When you need fresh data or statistics to support or test aspects of the design process
  • When you need to present responders with a stimulus in order to obtain the right reactions and information
  • To supplement information you’ve developed through other means and research
  • To develop stats and data for marketing and presentation purposes
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