Shedding Light on AI Sunglasses......

Did you ever imagine that one day you might talk to your sunglasses? Neither did we until BEAM International were asked to orchestrate the largest consumer product test the international team had ever seen.  

Market research agency Appen needed 500 recruits to product test new AI-integrated sunglasses for a leading brand. These next-generation shades take voice command instructions to perform various functions, such as controlling music or taking photos and videos.  

The client was also eager to test how these tech specs worked with varying noise levels in different environments and how reactive they were to various British accents. As we know, someone from up North sounds vastly different to a Southerner!! 

To shed light on this mammoth brief, BEAM International scoured the country for tech-loving sunglasses fans keen to test the latest eyewear. Participants from all over the UK with varying accents, including Northern, Midlands, Southern and Welsh, headed to Birmingham and Manchester to give their opinions on these next-gen shades. 

Location selection was crucial for this project, requiring venues with indoor and outdoor areas easily accessible for over 900 people. Efficient scheduling was also essential, with simultaneous events running in various locations for several weeks.  

This project had many organisational facets, but the end results were far from shady. We completed 584 successful face-to-face product tests for Appen along with venue sourcing, booking and event management.  

BEAM International’s bright and breezy staff were also on hand at each location to moderate sessions, troubleshoot issues and provide plenty of hot drinks to those who had outside product tests in Baltic conditions! 

The feedback for these high-tech glasses was dazzlingly bright, and they are now on sale backed by data-driven insights from Appen and BEAM International.   

All that is needed now is some sun! 

Client Feedback:  

“We finally completed the project with 584 unique completed participants. Thank you tremendously for helping us get through the project and for all your hard work! It was so lovely working with you.”  

Rachel Perera – Growth Manager

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