The Automotive Industry in the Big Smoke

Car research.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, here at BEAM we’re pretty much working on a car research project at all times. They’re the research projects that make recruiters shudder. With lengthy screeners, nigh-on-impossible quotas, algorithms and endless levels of complex project management, they’re enough to give you night terrors. But for some reason the BEAM team thrive on the challenges that car research projects throw our way.

We’ve project managed car research all over the country, but for some reason there’s the constant desire to host in London from our clients. Here are some of our good and no-so-good observations from 12 months of car-related research in ‘The Big Smoke’.


Greater London is the UK’s most densely populated metropolitan county, with close to 10 million people living in the city, and more commuting into and out of the city daily to work and play. The pool of potential respondents is vast, varied and ever-changing.


No matter what kind of car owners you want to speak to, London pretty much has them all. From Chelsea Tractors to sleek saloons, white-van men to city car zippers it is a location that’s got you covered. Diversity in journey type, journey length, work and leisure pursuits, life stage and family size means there are often very different car types within the same household servicing their drivers and passengers for different times within the week.


We’re pretty well-versed in car research London-style. Last year we recruited almost 1500 car owners in London alone (plus another 1000-ish from other parts of the UK). So, we’ve got a field-team and network of preferred-recruiters who are ready to hit the ground running and pound the streets to find the wheels you’re looking for.


Whilst there are plenty of people who want to take part in car research, logistically it can be a nightmare getting them to your venue. The M25, tubes, buses, sporting events…you name it, they’re an issue. A 20-minute Google Maps journey is most certainly NOT a 20-minute actual journey on the M25.


Car research means big-buck incentives for respondents. Big-buck incentives means the number of ‘fraudies’ that apply for the research is also higher than in anywhere else we’ve ever held car research. Forged documentation, Auto-trader listings, fake moustaches, you name it, we’ve seen it. Luckily, we’ve got noses like bloodhounds so we’re able to hunt these out prior to the event and politely decline. Our 5-point owner verification process is proving pretty robust. PLUS there’s always security on the door as a last-chance saloon.

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