The BEAM Team Predict What 2019 Has In Store

Researchers need to get a handle on the biggest trends and tools that are shaping the industry, even if they are constantly changing the way it works. Although we can’t predict exactly what is going to happen, we can certainly make an educated guess and that’s exactly what the BEAM team have done.

Check out the team’s predictions here:

BEAM Founder and Director, Amy:

I think we will see an increase in AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality). This is fast becoming more affordable for brands and consumers thanks to available technology from Google, Oculus, Samsung, and others. VR has many different applications, including immersive storytelling. Consumers no longer want to merely be told a story; they want to participate in the story. Whether it’s recreating virtual product tours in AR, looking to leverage existing technologies to make product videos available in 3D or 360, or simply recording users interacting with brands through existing VR products—the opportunities are endless to engage users in a more meaningful way in 2019.

Senior Fieldwork Manager, Vicki:

I predict that over the next year, within the market research industry more respondents are going to be questioning how their details have been passed on. We at BEAM have made sure we are fully compliant, but we need to ensure that the recruiters and third-party companies we are working with are also meeting the expected requirements. I think that this year the ICO wants to show they mean business and even the most thriving of companies could be crippled if they discover it isn’t compliant and will be issued a fine. 

Senior Fieldwork Manager, Natalie:

I predict that Brexit will have limited impact on market research in 2019 due to the fact that it is such a valued tool in business. In fact, if growth slows for a company, it could be used more to explore new opportunities. We could therefore see a rise in the number of International research studies as businesses seek help in building their sales elsewhere. We could in turn see an increase in technological mediation such as Digital ethnographies (the study of social interactions, behaviours and perceptions that occur within groups, teams, organisations, and communities) and online platforms as the traditional face to face methods will not be a viable option for International respondents.

Project Assistant, Alicia:

I think we may see more research being conducted into eco-friendly products and services. The growing trends of electric cars, plastic free packaging and Veganism in 2018 will carry on effecting all industries. We’ve already seen exciting automotive and food research take place as environmental consumer awareness increases.

The newest member of the BEAM team and our new Project Assistant, Lauren:  

I think there will be an increase in ‘Live chat/Chatbot’ research. It’s a quick and easy way for clients to collect data from respondents whilst it also being cost efficient.

The coming year will certainly bring new trends and with them will come new challenges. If you’re looking into a new market research project there’s no need to worry, as we work with you every step of the way to deliver the best fieldwork for your research projects. Get in touch with us today.


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