The Impact of Coronavirus on Market Research

The need for customer opinion has never been greater. The seismic shift in shopping habits and the purchasing decision making process means brands and retailers need their eyes and ears open to understand what really matters to customers in this new world

This month, we’re gearing up to returning our field team to store exits and customer intercepts. So this blog focusses on the strides we’re taking to ensure that everyone remains safe and research can continue in the field.

Who knew the ‘new normal’ would look like this?

We’re all used to seeing some ‘off-the-wall’ designs on the catwalks of Paris and Milan, but who knew this time last year that PPE would be a huge impact on the high streets across the world.

This season’s must-haves:

  • Protective visors
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face masks
  • Aprons

All our fieldworkers are supplied with a everything they need to ensure they’re safe and hygienic throughout their working day.

Fit to work?

We’re surveying all our field staff to ensure they’re fit and healthy to work. This happens 48 hours before their shift starts with a ‘fit to work survey’ to ensure they’re feeling well and aren’t displaying any signs of COVID or any other illness that may put others at risk.

It’s not just physical heath we’re interested in either. We’re ensuring that our staff are mentally healthy to participate in fieldwork. COVID has seen a rise in mental health issues including depression, feelings of isolation, or simply feeling a bit blue, so checking the mental health of our field team is more important than ever. We need to ensure that the families and ‘bubbles’ of our field teams aren’t compromised. We also check on their condition to ensure they’re not at risk or the work our field team are carrying out doesn’t pose a risk when they return home.

Pre-shift and post-shift temperature checks are carried out by our field staff. These are submitted and recorded, just like clocking on and off to ensure safety at all times.

Policy and Procedure

As well as the usual strike rate targets our interviewers are challenged with, we’re also giving them the necessary tools and procedures to carry out on every shift.

Guidance on how to wash hands, where to stand, socially distanced interviewing techniques and recognising vulnerable customers are given as part of our briefing sessions and packs to ensure the team have all they need in order to carry out their work to the highest of standards.

Track & Trace

In line with the Government guidance, we all have a shared responsibility to ensure we’re tracking who we come into contact with on a daily basis.

We’re asking every customer we talk to for contact details. Two days after their interview they’ll receive an email from us checking in on them and requesting they report any COVID related symptoms or illness to us. This way, we can activate our track and trace procedure and ensure customers and field staff are informed.

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