We welcome Alicia to the BEAM Team!

What are your responsibilities in this role?

As project assistant I am helping the BEAM team juggle several projects at once and managing multiple tasks at the same time. My duties include: being the first point of contact, booking venues and organising our databases.

How did you get into the Market Research industry?

This is my first role in the market research industry after achieving a 2.1 BA (hons) degree in Digital Media and Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University last year. At University I found consumer behaviour and user-experience to be an essential part of the whole process; market research nicely ties it all together.

What experience do you bring to this role?

After 5 years working in pubs providing excellent customer service, I’ve developed useful people skills, letting me communicate with clients, recruiters and attendees with ease. I also have practical and theory-based experience of market research from my time at University.

Are you currently working on any exciting projects?

We’ve just finished a big project for a car clinic with over 200 attendees! With such a big event it was super exciting sending out invitations and bringing it all together. Now we have several projects happening up and down the country, I especially enjoy finding quirky venues for our clients.

What type of clients are you working closely with at the moment?

We are working closely with clients from several industries, from supermarkets to water suppliers and over 50’s holidays. This lets me speak to a wide range of people – no two projects are the same.

What’s the next big thing in your industry that you’re excited about?

The marketing industry is ever changing and the research side of things is always exciting!

And finally, what do you like to do outside of work?

When I’m not socialising with friends I attend weekly life drawing classes. I try to fill my free time being creative or going to galleries. Travelling and music is another big passion of mine, so my weekends in the summer months are dedicated to holidays and festivals.


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