What Makes Consumers Go Green?

Earlier this year we looked into the rise of environmental awareness and how this is shaping new products and services in our blog. Following on from this, we wondered what the actual reasonings are that so many consumers across the world are choosing to go green…

Current Affairs

It’s recently been announced that if consumers don’t change their ways and stop contributing so heavily to climate change, the effects of said climate change will be irreversible in 18 months’ time. 80 percent of respondents in a recent survey said that they care about the future of the planet and as a result of the above, we have recently seen a huge push by both brands and consumers to change the way we shop. Supermarkets seem to be leading the way on this, with examples like Lidl encouraging customers to purchase a reusable bag for fresh produce as opposed to using plastic bags.  


With the current affairs above so heavily talked about amongst the press and online too, many consumers are starting to feel a ‘guilt’ towards not going green, especially considering so many people online are doing it and so as a result, they’re becoming more environmentally conscious. Not only this, but 47% of people say they choose to buy these environmentally friendly products as they want to be a positive role model for their friends and family.


With brands having to put so much thought into how their products are now designed, created and sold, the development of these products is allowing consumers to believe that they are much better quality as a result. In fact, 39% of consumers state this as their main reason for shopping products like bamboo toothbrushes or metal straws as they are supposed to last longer than their alternatives.


Following on from the above, it’s thought that because these products have had so much thought put in during development and are therefore an improved quality, they are better for health. Six in ten people confirm that this improved health factor is their reasoning for buying products like reusable water bottles or eco-friendly cleaning products, as they eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.


Brands are making every effort to develop products that are environmentally-friendly however the good thing for consumers is that these products aren’t just helping to save the planet, but they are also helping to save money. Many coffee shops like Pret-A-Manger, Starbucks and Costa offer discounts on hot drinks if you take your own cup, as opposed to using their plastic or paper ones.

As a result, brands and marketers can use this to their advantage when promoting such products, by encouraging consumers to go green in order to reap the rewards.

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