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What Makes Consumers Go Green?

Earlier this year we looked into the rise of environmental awareness and how this is shaping new products and services in our blog. Following on from this, we wondered what the actual reasonings are that so many consumers across the world are choosing to go green… Current Affairs It’s recently been announced that if consumers… Read more »

How Can Sentiment Analysis Work for Your Brand?

Finding out how people feel about your brand or product is an important part of market research, and one way of doing this is through sentiment analysis. To find out if sentiment analysis is right for your brand, we’ve gathered all the information you need. What is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis, sometimes known as opinion… Read more »

2019 Summer Travel Trends

Holiday season is about to start, and everybody knows there’s no time quite like the summer to try something new which is what many travellers are doing this year. Whether it be sight-seeing tours in historic cities, cruises around the Mediterranean or backpacking around Asia, there’s many different ways to enjoy some time abroad. As… Read more »

What is Ethnographic Market Research?

Ethnographic market research offers brands an insight into what people are really like, rather than what they want researchers to think they are like. This is done by studying a participant in their real-life environment and although popularised by anthropology, it’s actually used across a wide range of social sciences. Ethnographic research is used for… Read more »

3 Ways to Overcome the Challenges Faced in B2B Market Research

Although understanding B2B market research can be immensely useful and vital to success, actually acquiring quality market research insights as a B2B company can be difficult. That’s why the BEAM team have taken a look over some of the challenges faced, and the best solutions to overcome them.  Maintaining Data The challenge: People are constantly… Read more »

Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Market Research

Competition is the downfall of many companies and a simple way of discovering what your competition is doing is thorough research. Market research is a service available to help a company, service provider, individual or organisation to make better and more informed decisions. There’re many different market research solutions that can help you in learning… Read more »

3 Ways Mystery Shoppers Can Improve Your Business

Naturally businesses, and more commonly retailers, are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer service. In order to do this successfully, they must see themselves from their customers eyes, especially during the buying process. Mystery shopping is a great way of doing this as it gives an insight into your business that you may… Read more »

The Influence Mums Have on Market Research

It may be Mother’s Day soon, but it isn’t just grateful children whose spending habits need to be considered. Mum’s are actually a very powerful consumer force and make an extraordinarily valuable audience. Brands can’t afford to exclude mums in any way as they have such a huge impact on sales, but don’t just take… Read more »

An Eco-Friendly World for Brands and Consumers

We recently discussed our market research predictions for 2019 in our blog, one of which coming from our Project Assistant, Alicia who believes much more research will be conducted into eco-friendly products and services. Following from this, we’ve decided to take a deeper look into the rise of environmental awareness amongst brands and consumers. Environmental… Read more »

What a Difference a Decade Makes!

The ’10 Year Challenge’ is the latest social media craze taking the internet by storm. An image of a person from ten years ago is put side-by-side with a picture of them from current day, showing just how much they have changed. However the challenge has made us think a little deeper than just how… Read more »