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The BEAM Team Predict What 2019 Has In Store

Researchers need to get a handle on the biggest trends and tools that are shaping the industry, even if they are constantly changing the way it works. Although we can’t predict exactly what is going to happen, we can certainly make an educated guess and that’s exactly what the BEAM team have done. Check out… Read more »

Personas of The Christmas Present (Buying)

As Christmas approaches, the country has gone into its annual shopping-frenzy. However, everybody has their own method to the madness when it comes to purchasing their gifts and so this Christmas, we’ve taken a look at the personas of the Christmas present, and how they’re changing year on year. High Street Shoppers Despite once being… Read more »

How Has GDPR affected Market Research?

Data is critical in the Market Research Industry and an integral part of internal processes and checks. It’s been six months since the European Union began to enforce its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), changing a lot with regard to personal data security and customer consent. With the change in GDPR has come additional barriers… Read more »

BEAM Fieldwork turns 2!

We’re BEAMing to tell you that this month we are celebrating our second year! We would like to say a massive thank you for all your support, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help. Our objective since day 1 has always been to go above and beyond, supporting your research projects with… Read more »

Natalie Joins the BEAM Team!

What are your responsibilities in this role? Managing both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork projects from commission to delivery and ensuring their smooth running from start to finish. How did you get into the Market Research industry? I would love to say that it was a very well thought out career path, but in truth I… Read more »

We welcome Alicia to the BEAM Team!

What are your responsibilities in this role? As project assistant I am helping the BEAM team juggle several projects at once and managing multiple tasks at the same time. My duties include: being the first point of contact, booking venues and organising our databases. How did you get into the Market Research industry? This is… Read more »

Put Yourself In The Driving Seat With BEAM!

Recently, the BEAM team have been involved with a lot of Automotive Market Research, focusing on recruiting for a number of research projects including car clinics, drive alongs and fly ins. We’ve been busy recruiting participants across the UK for qual and quant automotive research projects. Check out the questions below and get involved yourself, we’d love to hear… Read more »

Should you be Considering Generation Z in your Market Research?

Not to be confused with Millennials, Generation-Z were born sometime between 1995 and 2000 making them the new kids on the block, raised amongst smartphones and social media. With the celebration of #InternationalYouthDay on August 12th, we wondered just how important Gen Z are to your market research. In short? Very. By 2020, Generation Z… Read more »

Are we getting the level of incentives correct?

Incentives should be at the core of every market research study when formulating your participant needs. Whether you entice your participants with monetary rewards or vouchers, you will always get the best results out of those who have something to gain. When a free dinner just doesn’t cut it, check out our top tips on… Read more »